● In aceasta cateogrie se fac cererile de unban.

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Re: wargod

28 Jan 2021, 20:30

name supermen
Admin who was ban you: octopus
Why did you get ban: wargod
Ban leng:2 day

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Re: wargod

29 Jan 2021, 14:46

Well, all the evidence is in my banlist, plus a “ban” picture. You’ll get unban today or tomorrow anyway. I don’t understand why you’re so panicked. I hope that, after your ban passes, you will no longer play with codes. Or if you haven’t played, listen to the admins if they tell you something and don’t leave the server.
Plus you sent me messages and disagreements to get your ban, even if it passes today or tomorrow.
I hope you listen to the admins in the future: D

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Re: wargod

29 Jan 2021, 17:53

The ban will be expire in 1 day. Next time listen to admins and do what they say. T/C.


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